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5 Key Skills for Trauma-Informed Coaching

Why trauma-informed, why now?

‘Trauma-informed’ is a bit of a buzz word these days, but it’s not without merit. 

As our healing industry becomes more and more embodied, as we go to deeper places for the sake of our personal and collective liberation, the secret experiences that are stored in our cells have greater opportunity to rear their heads in unexpected ways.

Trauma-informing your coaching practice is a way to ensure that when deep difficulties of a person’s past arise (in non-cognitive, somatic ways) you know how to meet them at that same level – the level of the body.

When you access the deepest layers of the body, that which is stored in the deepest layers – both the darkest and the lightest stuff – will reveal itself.

If you don’t know how to safely meet the trauma that’s stored, you might accidentally be part of your student or client’s retraumatization.

However, if you grok how to invite, meet and work with physiological intensity in gentle, safe and sustaining ways – that intensity can become the alchemical gold of a person’s long-lost power.

Post-traumatic super-growth is one of the coolest things on earth. 

And you can be a part of it.

In this free webinar I'll share IN DEPTH how to work with 5 fundamental trauma-informed coaching skills that will make you infinitely safer, more effective and more confident with your clients.

WHEN: Thursday, 9/26, 10am-12pm PST

WHERE: Zoom Video Conferencing – a recording will be sent out to all who register but can't attend live

WHY: You want a super-sonic, trauma-informed, coaching-skills love-boost

WHO: Coaches who want to feel more comfortable and powerful in difficult territory with their clients


See you there! :)



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